Taurus PT111 G2: Trigger Fix

The Taurus PT111 G2 (or G2C) is a pistol that more people need to know about. It's compact and fits in my larger hands comfortably. Holding 12 in the magazine and one in the chamber for a total of 13 rounds. That's pretty impressive for a compact pistol with a 3.2" barrel that stands 5.1" tall and 6.2" long. The cherry on top? This is a valuable find at around $200!

PT111 G2 Specifications
Taurus PT111 & PT140 G2 Specifications

The thing that stands out the most to me about this pistol is the texture of the grip. It's rough and gritty, you could use the grip to scrub your feet clean (don't get any ideas.) The thumb safety can be quickly and easily turned on/off but sits securely in place, it has a trigger safety as well. The magazine release is easily found and engaged when desired. The slide serrations are deep giving you plenty of grip even with wet hands.

The PT111 also includes Taurus's safety feature, a lock on the right side of the slide. This allows you to lock the slide and firing pin when it's in storage. It also includes a short Picatinny rail under the barrel for some cool accessories. You don't find that on $200 guns very often...

The loaded chamber indicator is a nice feature that you can use as a visual or physical reminder that there is a round in the chamber. I find myself brushing my finger over the chamber indicator throughout the day at work. That way I'm assured there's a round always ready if needed.

Everything about this gun just seems right. I have larger than normal hands yet all 3 of my fingers fit on the grip with my pinky barely making the cut. Thank god for the grip extension on the magazine. It just has a great feel and look for the size, quality, and capacity. It's still hard to believe this gun only costs $200.

That's the good, so what's the catch?

When you shoot this pistol there's something that you, like many other G2/G2C owners, may notice. A gritty trigger. This is a known problem that PT111 G2/G2C owners have been dealing with for a while. On almost every pull you can feel the grittyness just ruining your accuracy and overall experience.

They say it's the beer, I say it's the trigger...

Worst of it all, it could even stick or get stuck. I've been halfway through a magazine and all of a sudden the trigger gets stuck. I have to release the trigger, and pull again to fire. Not comforting for someone who wants to use this as a self-defense weapon.

Some say the longer you shoot it, the better it gets. The pin on the trigger gets hung up on the receiver. Or that there's a need for more lubricant.

After putting a few hundred rounds through this pistol, it didn't seem to be getting any better. I didn't find any visual scuff marks showing unwanted contact points. And I cleaned and lubricated the gun already. But, I didn't clean the striker guide or firing pin/springs...

So after a long and fun shooting session, I figured I'd go in for as deep of a clean as I could get. Check out the video below to see how I was able to fix the trigger problem in the PT111 G2.


Yes I know, I didn't use proper products/materials when doing this clean. Getting the right solvent, lubrication, and tools for a deep clean would be a good idea. But what I used worked. And a deep clean could be the solution for your trigger problem as well. So far, the response has proven to me that this works for most.

All in all, the Taurus PT111 G2 (or G2C) is a great buy and shouldn't be overlooked because of its price-point. You definitely won't regret it. You get more for your money than most could expect at this price. Don't forget to let me know if this solution works for you. Best of luck, cheers!

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